Cookery Course

6 Hours

Price / on request

“With our cooking workshops, discover the secrets of Moroccan cuisine...”

For all lovers of good food, cooking classes in Morocco has become a must. Here is a special day to try your skills and learn how to cook a complete Moroccan menu to dazzle your guests once back at home…

The longstanding reputation of Moroccan cuisine is mainly based on product excellence and the subtle use of spices inherited populations who lived in Morocco over the centuries, the Turks, Bedouins, Portuguese, Spanish, French reputation a large number of Moroccan dishes crossed borders and specialties such as ls Bstila, tagines or pancakes 1000 holes have enchanted many palaces.

A brief introduction to Moroccan cuisine is given at the start of your half-day session, during which the history and traditions of the “specialty of the day” are explained.

Each workshop is structured so that the participants will learn to prepare an appetizer and a main dish, or a main dish and a dessert. The participants choose the menu at the beginning of the lesson, and at the end of your workshop; you will dine on the meal you have prepared.

Here are some examples of dishes you may learn in a half-day workshop:

  • Chicken or Lamb couscous
  • Chicken Tajine m’derbel
  • Chicken Tajine with almonds and hard-boiled eggs
  • Chicken Tajine with lemon and olives
  • Lamb Tajine with dates and almonds
  • Lamb Tajine with figs and nuts
  • Lamb Tajine with prunes and apricots
  • Moroccan Briwates (samosa type stuffed pastry)
  • Moroccan pastries
  • Moroccan salads
  • Pastilla – filled with either shellfish or chicken and almonds